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Counselling and Psychotherapy

A place to meet your own, often hidden, resources.

It is most likely, you are currently experiencing something, which has brought you to seek support. No matter what is troubling you, counselling and psychotherapy can be a place to meet your own, often hidden, resources.

Working together through the process of therapy is useful in receiving mirroring, reflective questions to open your awareness to alternative perspectives, as well as a contained space to explore your internal landscape of thoughts, feelings and intuition. Within a safe, non-judgemental environment, you may feel more able to meet any unease you are experiencing, as a means to foster change you wish to see.

Specifically in transpersonal integrative counselling and psychotherapy, the past, the present, the relational, the existential, and that which is beyond the personal, is held in mind throughout the therapeutic process. Most often people participate in their sessions through verbal dialogue, however, the possibility of working with breath, visualisation, meditation, dreams, movement, sound and drawing are also utilised to explore, express and integrate the unconscious.

councelling and psychotherapy from nicole a miller

While they can often intertwine, counselling and psychotherapy have their differences. Counselling generally focuses on a specific issue, which has currently arisen, such as a bereavement or a current problem not necessary connected to the past. In such cases, the specific matter may be worked through over the course of a few weeks or several months.

councelling and psychotherapy from nicole a miller

In cases where the difficulties are more deep-rooted, psychotherapy delves into both the past and the unconscious. Due to the nature of this work, psychotherapy is often a long-term commitment of several years, however sometimes the work feels complete over a few months.

The length and approach to our work is determined at the beginning of therapy, upon having gone through an assessment to glean what our work together will entail, and to decide whether we both feel comfortable working together.

Would you like to hear more about Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Sessions can be held either in-person (Knaphill, Woking) or via zoom. My fee is £80 p/50 minute session. Simply contact me to find out more.

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