Nicole A. Miller

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Counselling, Psychotherapy & Authentic Movement with Nicole Miller

A Transpersonal Integrated Approach

In my offering of counselling, psychotherapy and Authentic Movement, my aim is to meet and see you, as and where you are, in a relationship based on equality, unconditional positive regard, compassion and empowerment. Building a therapeutic alliance is essential to the evolution of this work, as it creates a holding space, which feels comfortable and safe.

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

In counselling and psychotherapy, I invite inquiry into body-based experiences, to foster presence, awareness, inner guidance, emotional regulation, trauma resolution, interpersonal skills, feeling at home in your body, empathy and greater clarity in mind perception. As a transpersonal integrative psychotherapist, I hold in mind how the past, the present, the relational, the existential, and that which is beyond the personal might appear within our work together.

authentic movement with nicole a miller

Authentic Movement

In Authentic Movement, priority is placed on allowing the moving body to initiate the exploration of whatever wishes to be expressed and known. As witness, my intention is to hold space and see you clearly, in service of supporting self-discovery, self-acceptance, a growing experience of safety in relationship with yourself and others, greater freedom in self-expression, as well as trust in the intuitive impulses which move us.

Through these offerings, I hope to support you in feeling more at home in yourself, and to foster a growing experience of being centred, grounded and connected in your life. 

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