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Authentic Movement

Connection to our embodied and sacred self

Authentic Movement is an embodied-relational practice between a mover and a witness, through which presence, and a connection to our embodied and sacred self is developed.

Within the form, the mover’s role is to become aware and follow their kinaesthetic sense into movement, which includes gestures, sound and stillness. Pre-personal, personal as well as transpersonal phenomena arise and are embodied into consciousness.

The witness sits at the periphery with presence, attending to their own inner experiences, elicited by receiving the unfolding movements before them, whilst simultaneously working to see the mover clearly, without projection, prejudice or judgement.

Mover and witness come together at the end of a set movement time to bring their experiences into words. The witness listens and if called upon by the mover, speaks in service of deepening the movers ability to see themselves clearly.

Through the practice, one’s distinct way of being and moving authentically emerges, fostering self-discovery, self-acceptance, a growing experience of safety in relationship with oneself and others, greater freedom in self-expression, as well as trust in the intuitive impulses which move us.

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Furthermore, Authentic Movement supports:

  • feeling at home in your body
  • the capacity to be with and process emotions
  • developing self-awareness
  • connecting to authenticity
  • the ability to be with life experiences
  • moving beyond limiting narratives and beliefs
  • entering the unknown with greater trust and curiosity
  • developing relational skills

If you are new to the practice, it is encouraged to commit to a series of four hourly sessions, at a regularity which suits you best, such as once a week, fortnightly or once a month. In time, session length can be extended, should this benefit your process.

Would you like to know more about Authentic Movement?

Sessions can be held either in-person (Knaphill, Woking) or via zoom. My fee is £80 p/hr.

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